Week 8 (Spring 2016) Assignments



Draft 1.2 (Literature Review) due Tuesday, March 22!!

Reading #9 (St. Martin’s Handbook Chapter 8, “Analyzing Arguments” pp. 140-159; First-Year Writing Ch. 4 pp. 69-100)


Additional Assignments:

Bring to next class: a hardcopy of your revised Literature Review + bibliography of all sources


Week 7 (Spring 2016) Assignments


RaiderWriter: BA4 (Sentence-Level Revisions); Reading #8 (First-Year Writing Ch. 10 pp. 211-224)


Additional Assignments:

Research & Read at least two more sources.

Write a reflective Blackboard post discussing how you plan to revise your Literature Review, taking into consideration all feedback received so far from peers, graders, etc. (Comment on at least 2 blogs.)

Begin revisions of your Literature Review. Bring a printed copy of the Literature Review to next class.

Week 6 (Spring 2016) Assignments


RaiderWriter: Peer Critiques 1.1a & 1.1b; Reading 7 (First-Year Writing Ch. 8-9 pp. 175-210;St. Martin’s Handbook Chapters 50-53, “Concise Writing,” “Coodination and Subordination,” “Sentence Variety,” “Memorable Prose” pp. 660-684)


Additional Assignment:

  • Research & Read at least 2 more sources for research project
  • Blog Post: Look at the feedback you received in class today and write a 200-300 word post about how you plan to begin revising your Literature Review.
  • Exercise 11.2 (FYW 233-34): Complete the first part of this assignment and bring the index cards with you to our next class.

Week 5 (Spring 2016) Assignments



RaiderWriter: Draft 1.1 (Literature Review); Reading #6 (St. Martin’s Handbook: Chapter 4b, “Reviewing Your Peers” pp. 66-76; First-Year Writing 11-12 pp. 222-252)


Additional Assignments:

  1. Department Citizenship Post due 2/25!
    • Read and comment on two other posts.
  2. For next week: Bring to class a hardcopy of the Literature Review draft that you submit to RaiderWriter. Additionally, print copies of your graded BA2 & BA3 with the feedback on them. Bring these to class.

Week 4 (Spring 2016) Assignments


RaiderWriter: BA3 (Annotated Bib), Reading #5 (St. Martin’s Handbook Chapters 13 and 15, “Integrating Sources Into Your Writing” and “Writing a Research Project” pp. 232-240, 250-260; First-Year Writing Ch 6 and Ch 7 pp. 117-174; Introduction to Literature Reviews)


Additional Assignments:

  • Contact your Personal Librarian. Ask at least one research question (how to find information on a specific topic).
  • Write a discussion post reflecting on your research process. What have you found out so far about your topic? How has your librarian helped you? (Comment on at least TWO other blogs in your discussion group.)
  • Read and evaluate at least TWO more sources for your research topic.
  • Be prepared to talk next class about how you are managing and annotating your sources.
  • BOOK CHECK NEXT WEEK: Bring your First-Year Writing textbook to class in order to get full participation credit.
  • Don’t Forget!! Your Department Citizenship Assignment is due February 25, 2016!