Welcome to English 1302!


It would serve you well to check this blog a couple times a week for additional information and assignments. Please remember that this is a three credit class, so there will be extensive work done outside of class meetings.

Regular course readings and assignments can be found on the Raider Writer website and the additional required readings and assignments can be found here on this blog. All assignments and readings posted here will be mentioned in class and will be due at the subsequent class meeting.

Discussion activities will occur on our Blackboard page.

Course policies are outlined in your First-Year Writing textbook with additional policies outlined here.

Additionally, please see the prezi presentation “10 Habits of Highly Effective 1302 Students” here.

Please always come to class prepared and ready to learn. Let’s have a great semester!


Week 14 (Spring 2016) Assignments



Draft 2.2!!

Reading #15 (St. Martin’s Handbook: 4m “Reflecting on Your Writing”  92-93)

Additional Assignments:

After you submit your Draft 2.2, write a Blackboard post reflecting on your revision process. What kinds of revision did you make? How did they strengthen your argument? What have you learned about the writing process? (Respond to two other posts.)

Week 12 (Spring 2016) Assignments



BA #6; Reading #13 (St. Martin’s Handbook Chapter 6, “Working with Others” pp. 118-122; First-Year Writing Chapter 13 pp. 253-268)

Additional Assignments:

Revise your introduction, paying particular attention to possible revision of your thesis statement. Post to Blackboard your original introduction, revised introduction, and a discussion of what you changed and why. (And comment on two other posts.)

Bring a hardcopy of your revised Research Paper to next class!

Week 11 (Spring 2016) Assignments


RaiderWriter: Draft 2.1 DUE! Reading #12 (St. Martin’s Handbook: Chapter 13-14, “Integrating Sources into Your Writing,” “Acknowledging Sources and Avoiding Plagiarism” pp. 232-249; First-Year Writing Ch 6 pp. 117-150)


Additional Assignments:

After you submit your Draft 2.1, reflect on the organization of your argument. How does your argument flow? How did you organize your sub-arguments and why? How did you use your sources? In what ways do they support your argument? (Comment on 2 posts)

Bring a printed copy of your Draft 2.1 to next class!

Week 10 (Spring 2016) Assignments


RaiderWriter: Reading #11 (First-Year Writing,  Review Chapter 5)


Additional Assignments:

Blackboard: Read Section 9j in the St. Martin’s Handbook. Draft an introduction to your research paper and then outline the rest of your paper modeling the outline guide in Section 9j.

For next class: Bring a full draft on hardcopy of your argument paper. Be prepared to workshop and discuss!

Week 9 (Spring 2016) Assignments


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RaiderWriter: Reading #10 (St. Martin’s Handbook Chapter 9, “Constructing Arguments” pp. 160-188); BA #5


Additional Assignments:

PPT Presentation: With your discussion groups, select one of the essays available in the First-Year Writing textbook and do an argument deconstruction. Prepare a brief (5 minutes) presentation covering the essential points of your argument deconstruction. (REQUIRED: PPT or Prezi) See Assignment Guidelines

Discussion Post: Reflect on your literature review. What are the major arguments in the field? How will your argument differ from others have already said? (Respond 2 other posts.)